About Us

For over 35 years Winooski Insurance, also doing business as DealerPolicy Insurance, has been working diligently to build life-long relationships built on transparency, trust and integrity. We promise to work hard for you, your family and your business. We have partnered with several insurance carriers also committed to ensuring you have better purchase and claims experiences, and gain everyday value for your insurance investment.

Our Advantage

  • We’re an independent insurance agency.
  • We’re the advocate, partner, and personal agent you want on your side when you’re shopping for the most affordable insurance protection that’s right for you.
  • Being independent is the best way to truly focus on our customers and their needs.
  • Our agents use our proprietary software, fueled by J.D. Power, to offer guidance in finding the right insurance fit for you from our insurance carrier partners.
  • We’ve only partnered with insurance carriers as committed as we are to delivering great customer experiences.
  • Having many partners provides us an objective view of the overall insurance marketplace so we can accurately assess the risks you face and provide you a thorough analysis of your available options.
  • Insurance products and pricing fluctuate often. We’ll continue to be your agent to ensure you always have the coverage right for you at the best rate available, even if we have to switch providers to get it done.
  • We work for you.